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Recovering from this pandemic means rebuilding hope for the future

3 December 2021


s+ The key word across Europe in response to the 2008 economic crisis was ‘austerity’, and its damaging legacy was borne mostly by young people. The key words in policy post-pandemic are ‘recovery’ and ‘resilience'. They mark a diametrically opposite approach that promises to be much more effective and human oriented. However, we need to study and understand the blow young people have suffered from this pandemic, in order to adjust recovery and resilience measures to their needs and equip them with the tools to actively shape their present and future. Recent research by Eurofound demonstrates the vulnerabilities of young people in terms of job stability, social inclusion and mental well-being. After the immediate anti-crisis measures, issues that were put on the backburner, because controlling the spread of the virus was paramount, are resurfacing and need to be addressed. Chief among them is this precarious position of Europe’s youth: without prioritising them in the present, we have little hope for the future.



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