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Industrial relations landscape in Europe

9 December 2021


This report analyses and compares the industrial relations landscape in several sectors and activities that form a public service cluster across the 27 EU Member States and the UK – altogether employing over 57 million workers and representing 25% of the total workforce in the economy. It is based on Eurofound’s representativeness studies on the central government administration (CGA), education, human health, local and regional government (LRG), and social services sectors. The landscape includes over 500 national trade unions and around 400 employer organisations across the public services sectors, with the highest numbers of trade unions and employer organisations found in the human health sector. The aim of the study is to contribute to a better understanding of the overall industrial relations landscape of employer and union organisations in a number of sectors, while helping social partners in these sectors to further strengthen their social dialogue and build capacity.



social partners industrial relations and social dialogue representativeness european pillar of social rights

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Eurofound (2021), Industrial relations landscape in Europe: Central government administration, education, human health, local and regional government, and social services sectors , Dublin.
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