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Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses - ANNUAL THREAT ASSESSMENT - Global Threat Assessment

29 December 2021


meanwhile “continues to operate as a low- That said, the Taliban victory is unlikely to level and well-entrenched insurgency in rural motivate JI and IS supporters to plan attacks areas” in Syria, exploiting the remoteness in Indonesia for now.11 In the Philippines, the and vastness of the central Syrian desert as formerly AQ-linked Moro Islamic Liberation well as the mountainous terrain. [...] 115 In 2020 that while both IS and AQ “had Mindanao, the “potential for radicalisation weakened, they remained capable of remains high” as “many people are still reconstituting within two years” – even before displaced from the battles between the the return of the Taliban.119 various terrorist groups and the AFP.”116 In Myanmar, the military coup and ensuing violence rendered the disenfranchised. [...] 140 Out of seven the arrest of Abu Rusydan alias Thoriqudin attacks recorded in 2021, only one involved in August 2021.136 A key senior figure in JI, the use of IEDs.141 This was the suicide Abu Rusydan was part of a committee that bombing conducted by JAD in Makassar in oversaw and endorsed the selection of the March 2021, which killed the two new amir (leader). [...] of collaboration among various Nonetheless, the terrorist recidivism rate in government agencies.169 The presidential Indonesia remains above the global decree on the National Action Plan For average of 2.9 percent.165 Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism 2020-2024 (RAN-PE), enacted One of the greatest challenges in running in January 2021, is a milestone in the deradicalisation programme l. [...] could significantly shape the future trajectory of US-Philippines security While the impact of the Taliban’s victory in cooperation, including in the counter- Afghanistan on the terrorism landscape in terrorism sphere.




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