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From Citizen Science to Do It Yourself Science An annotated account of an on-going movement



This report offers a selection of projects that account for an emerging movement that is not what often is described as citizen science but what we designate here by do it yourself science. The report accounts for private or community based initiatives that use scientific methods combined with other forms of enquiry to engage with techno-scientific issues and societal challenges. The first section of the report focuses on what is usually described as citizen science where in most cases projects are led by institutions, such as universities or other research institutions, which organise, call or promote different forms of citizen involvement in their endeavours. The second part of the report looks into developments in what is designated as do it yourself science. It outlines developments in this deeper form of engagement of citizenry with techno-science, where the DIY scientist appears as someone who tinkers, hacks, fixes, recreates and assembles objects and systems in creative and unexpected directions, usually using open-source tools and adhering to open paradigms to share knowledge and outputs with others. We also observe that although these movements link well with other changes of the scientific endeavour, such as open science, the ‘do it yourself’ movement takes us to another dimension of engagement, of greater agency and transformative power of research and innovation. We conclude that Irwin’s imagination of a citizen science is gradually emerging, at the moment materialised in the on-going DIY science movement and others alike. The European Commission should seize such momentum as well.



economic and monetary union innovation and growth science for policy 2014

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EUR 27095,OP LB-NA-27095-EN-C,OP LB-NA-27095-EN-N
Figueiredo Do Nascimento S, Martinho Guimaraes Pires Pereira A, Ghezzi A. From Citizen Science to Do It Yourself Science\r\nAn annotated account of an on-going movement\r\n. EUR 27095. Luxembourg (Luxembourg): Publications Office of the European Union; 2014. JRC93942
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