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C o p e r n i c u s

28 September 2020


Style Guide C o p e r n i c u s D a t a P o l i c y : B e n e f i t s f o r E n v i r o n m e n t a l S e r v i c e s Jean-Noël Thépaut & Fabio Venuti, ECMWF Dr. [...] Erik Andersson, Copernicus European Commission, DG DEFIS C O P E R N I C U S I N B R I E F Copernicus • Copernicus, a flagship programme of the European Union: – Monitors the Earth, its environment and ecosystems – Prepares for crises, security risks and natural or man-made disasters – Contributes to the EU’s role as a global soft power • Adopts a full, free and open data policy • Is a tool for ec. [...] • Limitation of access might be based, on the one hand, on legal grounds such as international agreements, IPR and the protection of personal data and, on the other hand, on the protection of security interests subject to an assessment of the sensitivity of the data and information to be undertaken by the Commission. [...] P R O G R A M M E E L E M E N T S Copernicus 6 services use Earth Observation data to deliver … Copernicus Sentinels Other Satellites "in-situ" …added-value products 5 CT hO eP ESRI NX I C OU PS ESRENRI VC IUCSE SS E R V I C E S Copernicus T h e v a l u e o f o p e n d a t a User Uptake B e n e f i t s e x p e c t e d f r o m C o p e r n i c u s Copernicus . [...] C3S portfol io: Access to past, present and future cl imate information Climate Observations and climate reanalyses Change Seasonal forecast data and products Climate model simulations Sectoral climate impact indicators Earth system models C 3 S r e s p o n d s t t h e G C O S i m p l e m e n t a t i o n p l a n Climate Change• GCOS’s role is to set requirements • Various agencies and organization.

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