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Japan Digest December 2021

4 January 2022


Japan and the UK have decided to Japan intends to spend ¥117.70 billion to jointly develop engine technology for both carry out research, for instance, using the UK-led Tempest and Japan’s F-X future satellite constellations for detecting and combat aircraft programmes. [...] In its threat assessment, the aims to spend ¥ 6.50 billion for developing annual defence white paper has “future rail guns” for targeting hypersonic underscored China’s unilateral attempts to guided missiles, and ¥ 7.20 billion to invest alter the status quo in the East and South in advanced technologies to shoot down China Seas, and North Korea’s nuclear and drones with microwaves. [...] LDP deepens cooperation with Taiwan During the meeting, Japan urged for “self- In late December, members of the Japanese restraint” while flagging its concerns ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and regarding unilateral attempts at altering the Taiwanese Democratic Progressive Party status quo in the “waters around the (DPP) held virtual discussion which Senkaku Islands” and also the South Chin. [...] He was speaking at objective of advancing the efficacy of the the US-Japan-Taiwan Trilateral Indo- Maritime and Aerial Communication Pacific Security Dialogue, hosted by the Mechanism. [...] The agreement is likely to rights and the rule of law, he has refused to be signed during the upcoming US-Japan interpret the decision as “boycott” of the 2+2 meeting in January.