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The U.S. intelligence community and the roots of the pandemic virus

6 January 2022


IC regarding the roots (direct source and genomic origin) of the pandemic virus (as of August 27, 2021) Assessment Assessment Argumentative Comments (by authors confidence level content factors of the present article) Moderate (one The first human infection The inherently Plentiful and element of the with SARS-CoV-2 most risky nature of diversified, unclassified IC) likely was the result of a work. [...] The feasibility of a In general, a variety of The reasoning for this assessment laboratory-associated arguments led to such an appears the most sound one along incident being the assessment, the only with the whole ODNI document. [...] The differently Select Committee on Intelligence Minority oriented politics of the Republicans and the to President Biden, noted: “Shockingly, Democrats cannot be regarded as the sole, ODNI has repeatedly refused to tell the not even the main reason for the far distance Committee which scientists the IC between the contents of the two latter consulted... [...] It would hence have been better interacted with while in office: “the people if the IC simply said it is unable to come up that had the most access to the most with more valuable answers – beyond the intelligence, are telling you that the most moderate confidence assessment it likely origin of COVID-19, of the Wuhan generated – and excluded the low confidence virus, was a lab leak at the Wuhan Ins. [...] (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser 7 Dany Shoham, The Quest for the Coronavirus Presently the director of the Institute for the Progenitor: Integrating Intelligence and Research of the Methodology of Intelligence Science, BESA Center Perspectives Paper No.