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11 January 2022


Do we still need to prove the merits of cross-border coopera- tion in the aftermath of the wildfire spread of coronavirus and on the back of the extraordinary success of global scientific cooperation in developing several vac- cines in record time? 1.2 ▪ Setting a high level of ambitions In the context of this paradigm shift, a number of arguments plead for broader initiatives at the European leve. [...] Admittedly, one of the lessons learned from the pandemic could suggest the need to strengthen the constitutional powers of the EU in the field of healthcare. [...] 18 ▪ 56 Taking into account the provisions of the Treaties, the balance of power, the constraints and the uncertainties surrounding any change in this area, our group takes a realistic approach and focusses on the remit of the existing EU treaties. [...] European Commission, Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the European Council, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions Introducing HERA, the European Health Emergency preparedness and Response Authority, the next step towards completing the European Health Union, COM(2021) 576 final, 16 September 2021. [...] Louis PIZARRO Based on an analysis of Camilla RANDAZZO the proposals presented by the European Commission and the positions taken by the main international bodies, the group is working within the framework of the existing European treaties and is putting forward twelve recommendations for making the best use of the vast range of instruments available to the Union, based on three main pillars: prev.