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Welcome! - The webinar will begin at 9:32. - A Data Briefing

11 January 2022


◼ Pre-pandemic, 18% of NYS children lived in poverty ◼ 37% lived in near poverty ◼ Racial disparities were severe @SchuylerCenter #StateofNYKids Women’s pandemic unemployment may mean long-term economic insecurity for many families 6 @SchuylerCenter #StateofNYKids Early Childhood Care and Well Being 7 To be affordable under federal guidance, child care costs should. [...] @SchuylerCenter #StateofNYKids Child Poverty and Early Childhood Care and Well Being 8 Reduce Strengthen child refundable tax poverty credits Phase in Fulfill promise of universal universal pre-K child care @SchuylerCenter #StateofNYKids Child Welfare 9 New York’s children and youth thrive when all families, caregivers, and communities are well- supported. [...] @SchuylerCenter #StateofNYKids Many families are not provided preventive services before children enter foster care 10 @SchuylerCenter #StateofNYKids The Disparity Index for Black children in foster care improved in 2020 compared to 2019 11 @SchuylerCenter #StateofNYKids Foster care placements are moving in the right direction 12 ◼ In 2020, New York. [...] @SchuylerCenter #StateofNYKids The pandemic hit transition-age and former foster youth hard 13 Respondents in a 2021 survey reported experiencing: ◼ Challenges that caused them to fall behind or abandon their education ◼ Unmet medical and behavioral health needs ◼ Unstable and substandard living situations ◼ Food insecurity ◼ Underemployment and low wage jobs ◼ Emotional and physic. [...] @SchuylerCenter #StateofNYKids Disruption in services 20 ◼ Reduced economic security ◼ Reduced access to school/community services and supports ◼ Missed routine primary and preventive care ◼ Increased need for behavioral health, child development @SchuylerCenter #StateofNYKids Difficulties obtaining mental health care 21 Mental health is an essential part of overall.