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Data Book: State of New York’s Children 2022

11 January 2022


Back in 1872, SCAA founder Louisa Lee Schuyler gathered data by organizing visiting committees of citizens to inspect the almshouses and poorhouses of each of the 60 counties of New York State. [...] Now, almost two years since the onset of the pandemic and with mass COVID-19 vaccinations available, the pandemic continues to affect the lives of New York children. [...] In 2019, more than one-third of New York Even more vulnerable to the pandemic’s children lived in near-poverty, with little disruptions were the 332,000 (8%) of New York economic cushion to buffer them from the children living in extreme poverty in 2019. [...] With the pandemic resurging, there is concern women will, once again, be disproportionately forced to drop back or drop out of the workforce to care for children who cannot attend in-person school, afterschool programs, or child care, to the detriment of the economic security of women and their children. [...] New York’s early childhood educators, nearly all women, largely women of color, live in poverty at more than twice The median wage for a child care the rate of the New York workers in general (nearly 1 in 5 in worker in New York, May 2020 2019).