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12 January 2022


2018/1725 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2018 Issued October 2021 COVID-19 RESPONSE Key information Controller and business owner Cesare Onestini, Director of the ETF, Cesare. [...] Data protection officer Tiziana Ciccarone / Laurens Rijken, Purpose of the processing The purpose of processing is to manage the ETF response to Covid-19 pandemic, in particular: Managing access to ETF offices (Verification of EU Digital Covid certificate/certificate of exemption of vaccination, temperature control, collection of self-de. [...] 1997 and successive Ordinance from the Minister of Health 30 January 2020 Resolution of the Council of Ministers 31 January 2020 and successive Italian Law Decree 23 February 2020, n. [...] 13 and successive ETF/21/DEC/006 Director decision of 26/02/2021 on Transitionary measures during the Covid-19 disease pandemic, and successive Circular notes of the Ministry of Health 5309-04/08/2021-DGPRE and 35444-05/08/2021- DGPRE on the issuing of certificate of exemption of Covid vaccination and successive Italian Law decree nr 127 of 21 September 2021 on the obligation of EU Digital C. [...] Recipients of the personal data For the purpose detailed above, access to personal data is provided to the following processing entities: ETF The ETF Crisis Management Team HR officers Externals (processors) ETHOS surveillance guards (limited to EU digital Covid 19 certificate check, temperature checks and access register) ETF Medical advisor (limited to ETF staff Covid-19 infection status.