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Advisory Panel for a CREAMS/PICES Program in East Asian Marginal Seas

13 January 2022


One of the topics to be included in the discussion is a long-term monitoring of the AMS, and there is a clear relevance with AP-CREAMS. [...] At the moment the project consists of around 10 research projects covering the northwestern Pacific from the origin of the Kuroshio in the south up to the Kuroshio Extension area in the north, including branch currents of the Kuroshio system and coastal areas influenced by the Kuroshio. [...] Broadening participation and communication were the main foci of the overview and included development of an AP- CREAMS website and the inclusion of human dimensions expertise on the AP. [...] Ishizaka opened the discussion about the CREAMS database saying that some of the data from cruises related to CREAMS can be shared as a database, and the inventory can be placed on the PICES website for AP-CREAMS as the starting point. [...] Mooring work shows anticyclonic circulation around the seamount, and the data show that the anticyclonic current energy is focused on the NE part of the seamount.




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