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The Return of the Taliban: ‘Foreign Fighters’ and Other Threats to India’s Security

11 January 2022


In the several months since the return to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the world’s attention may have already shifted to other global developments including the challenges being posed by the long COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, for India, the events in Afghanistan continue to demand great attention. This brief examines the implications of Indian citizens leaving the country to join the ranks of “foreign fighters” in Afghanistan, given the safe haven that Taliban rule provides to many terrorist groups. Drawing on primary and secondary sources, the brief calls on India to be watchful of the first- and second-order effects of this phenomenon.


Mohammed Sinan Siyech
Mohammed Sinan Siyech is a Non – Resident Associate Fellow working with Professor Harsh Pant in the Strategic Studies Programme. He will be working on Terrorism and Extremism in South Asia and the Middle East, Indian Foreign Policy in the Middle East and >>


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