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Rays of Hope in Kabul’s Winter

4 January 2022


Rays of Hope in Kabul’s Winter Dr Usman W Chohan At the time of Kabul’s fall in August 2021, it was already evident to some observers that the people of Afghanistan would face an imminent crisis without the wholehearted assistance of the international community. [...] In the four months since the Fall of Kabul, the economy has been in a tailspin and GDP has possibly shrunk by 40%, if not more. [...] Concrete measures from the summit included the creation of a trust fund to deliver humanitarian disbursements, and the appointment of a special observer for the Afghanistan situation. [...] The UN's approach aims to go beyond emergency relief and towards the preservation of public administration structures, salvaging something of what was left by a 20-year occupation, particularly in the fields of public utilities and healthcare systems. [...] In the desolate conditions that the civilian population faces, rays of hope are a welcome augury, but they are only a first step towards the major reconstruction that is required in months ahead.