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OIC’s Council on Foreign Ministers Meeting & Pakistan’s Commitment towards Ending Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan

12 January 2022


In the past few weeks, Afghanistan has been facing a huge economic and humanitarian crisis, and perhaps one of the reasons for this is the negligence of the international community. [...] Very recently, Pakistan hosted the 17th session of the emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Conference’s (OIC) Council on Foreign Ministers (CFM) on 19th December in its quest to address the grave economic and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. [...] The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken thanked Pakistan for hosting the extraordinary OIC summit and inviting the international community to support the Afghan people. [...] However, no concrete and solid roadmap was provided by the international community in general, and the US in particular to address the prospective civil war, and social, political, and economic crisis in Afghanistan. [...] He maintained that ‘the international community needs to strengthen and stabilize the government in Afghanistan for the sake of Afghan people.’ The crisis in Afghanistan has emerged as one of the most significant issues of international peace and stability.