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17 January 2022


The meeting will be also an opportunity to take stock of the process and present ideas for the way ahead and new approaches to monitoring in the region. [...] Throughout the process, launched by the European Training Foundation (ETF) for the first time in 2010, internal and external consultations with partner countries and external evaluations confirmed that the process is well established as a relevant initiative (both in terms of the content of the analysis and the implementation process) that has an added value as a forum for policy discussions and p. [...] Improve the collection and use of data on skills needs and forecasting, as well as on the performance of education and training systems and the labor market. [...] The workshop gathered representatives from the five Central Asian republics, including policy makers in the sphere of VET and skills development, VET providers, representatives of the private sector such as chambers, sectoral associations, representatives of international organisations and the European Commission. [...] The analysis and anticipation of needed skills and occupations on the labour market, carrer guidance, the involvement of private stakeholders in training provision as well as the support to teachers and managers to improve and update their skills and knowledge, ICT literacy in particular, were identified as most important to deal with existing challenges such as high labour migration, the integrat.