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01/22 - Afghanistan-Pakistan Border to Remain Contentious even with the "Good Taliban”

8 January 2022


Pakistan inherited the border in 1947 but none of the Afghan regimes have accepted the border as the international boundary and the issue to date remains disputed. [...] The most critical factor has been the contested nature of the border which has always been of deep concern for the Pakistani leadership. [...] However, Pakistan miscalculated the Taliban's position on the border, and contrary to its expectations the Taliban have opposed the fence from the time it took over Kabul. [...] We want to create a secure and peaceful environment on the border so there is no need to create barriers." The Taliban see the fence as a divider between the two nations and Mujahid while giving an interview to a local YouTube channel in Kabul said, "The issue of the Durand Line is still an unresolved one, while the construction of fencing itself creates rifts between a nation spread across both s. [...] The Pakistan government, on the other hand, has acknowledged the problem but has tried to downplay the issue and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said, "Certain miscreants are raising this issue unnecessarily, but we are looking into it and we are in contact with the Afghan government.