Working conditions - Employment status and job quality
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Working conditions - Employment status and job quality

21 November 2018


The fifth chapter summarizes the results of the analyses of the EWCS-data. [...] In the LFS, the indicator for part-time employment is based on the subjective assessment of the respondent, not on the declared number of working 1 hours. [...] Figure 2: Part-time employment as a share of total employment in the EU-countries (2000- 2015) Source: EU-LFS 2018 Evolutions in the general distribution of employment statuses need to be related to changes in the fraction of the population in gainful work. [...] Employment status and the broader work experience The most important aim of this study lies with examining the associations between specific forms of employment, on one hand and job quality and quality of working-life, on the other hand. [...] One particular aim of the Social Pillar is to modernise the rules for employment contracts and broaden the scope of traditional employment to new and atypical forms of work.

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