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Ian Dunlop CANARY IN THE COALMINE - A former senior fossil fuel executive speaks out

7 August 2020


Scientific reticence, The world not imagined is the one that now exists: of looming the reluctance to spell out the full risk implications of climate financial instability; of a global crisis of political legitimacy; of a science in the absence of perfect information, has become a sustainability crisis that extends far beyond climate change to major problem, allowing politicians to ignore the real. [...] Likewise the intelligence The comments reinforce our concern that emerged around services, and the broader intelligence community, seem the Senate Inquiry into the Implications of Climate Change for oblivious to what is now the greatest threat confronting this National Security last year, that the real implications of climate country, and indeed the rest of the world. [...] The adversarial political nihilism of the last two decades, that climate change is now a major threat multiplier, and is and the continual emasculation of the APS, has to be reversed, behind many of the current flashpoints, such as the Syrian with leaders prepared to co-operate in addressing a threat conflict, Brexit and Trump’s Mexican wall. [...] Is it possible that someone is starting to join the dots – a tacit admission of an escalating climate emergency? In the National In contrast, the submission to the Senate inquiry by the Party, where competition to develop sensible climate policy is Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade downplayed concerns 22 about the impact on Australia’s economy of climate security threats, noting our dependen. [...] Scenario-planning explores the future, allowing constructive The government’s role should be to protect the future from the discussion on alternatives incorporating the full range of past, not the past from the future.