An integrated system of wages statistics A manual on methods
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An integrated system of wages statistics A manual on methods

17 October 2014


The problems of compiling wages statistics in the agricultural sector were the sub- ject of special examination by the Twelfth Conference on the basis of studies made by selected consultants representing the different regions of the world, and the Conference came to the conclusion that in the case of developing countries there was a need to sub- divide the agricultural sector into organised agricu. [...] Each chapter is devoted to a discussion of the specific objectives of one of these types of surveys, its industrial, employee and geographical coverage, the concepts and definitions recommended, the choice of reporting unit and sample design, the ques- tionnaire and methods of collection, processing, classification and tabulation of the results. [...] The main objectives are to estimate the gross and net outptft of industry and other factual and systematic data which can be used for the study of the structure of the industry and the causal analysis of the various factors influencing the growth of industry in the country. [...] The real usefulness of the wages statistics in a given country depends, however, on a number of factors such as the relevance of the concepts and definitions used, the scope and coverage of the statistics, and the methods of collection, compilation and classifica- tion of data. [...] Statistics of normal hours of work and hours actu- ally worked provide indicators of the conditions of work and life of wage earners and" facilitate the regulation of hours of work, including the establishment of a maximum normal number of working hours per day and per week.

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