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IFOOD RECALLS: - 2021 TRENDS AND WHAT THEY MEAN FOR YOU - Recalls declined but our food isn't necessarily safer

2 February 2022


As the food industry and all of its moving While the leading causes for food recalls parts continue to adapt to the current state of have stayed consistent in recent years, the things, there are ways the food producers, pandemic has continued to wreak havoc on retailers and government agencies can the food system. [...] In a statement to NPR, an FDA The leading causes of food recalls and their spokesperson explained that "the number of shares of the total were roughly the same. [...] FSMA aims to shift the focus from foodborne illness response to prevention, and identifies clear and specific ways that all of the different players in the food supply chain can work to prevent contamination. [...] Debris, broken equipment or outdated in some sectors of the food human error at any point in the food supply industry, making it difficult to efficiently chain can lead to foreign material getting find the source of an outbreak and issue the into our food. [...] Announced in 2020, the blueprint provides a 10-year roadmap for While it’s too soon to pinpoint exactly why modernizing approaches to food safety using there were more recalls due to foreign new technologies that can connect every material contamination in 2021, it’s safe to step of the food supply chain so that people assume that the shock to the supply chain can be alerted about a food safety is.