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PRIVATE EQUITY’S DIRTY DOZEN - 12 Firms Dripping In Oil And

14 February 2022


around the world in The private equity industry manages over $7 trillion in every sector of the capital,1 which is invested around the world in every sector of the economy. [...] Carlyle is one of the world’s the Harvard Corporation,70 Trustee of the University of largest private equity firms, with $293 billion assets under Chicago,71 and Chairman of the National Gallery of Art72 - management.65 just to name a few.73 Rubenstein, worth $4.6 billion, has been the most Rubenstein fashions himself a modern-day Renaissance recognizable face of Carlyle for decades. [...] He chairs the positions that included Chairman of the Museum of Modern Board of Advisors of the University of Pennsylvania’s Art, Trustee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and a Wharton School, a major Wall Street networking hub place on the Harvard Leadership Council.207 Additionally, (also Rowan’s alma mater).199 Moreover, in 2018 Rowan Black was Dartmouth College Trustee and a huge donor to ga. [...] He’s the former deals and is exposed to its associated environmental risks.315 chairman of the Investment Committee of the University of California at Los Angeles Foundation, which oversees The Big One the school’s endowment.307 His spouse Suzanne Kayne Like other private equity managers profiled in this report, also sits on the board of the Los Angeles County Museum Kayne Anderson is no stranger. [...] 10, 2022 001527166/000152716622000007/cg-20211231.htm “Through our strategic partnership with NGP, we are entitled to 55% of the management fee-related revenue of the NGP entities that serve as advisors to the NGP Energy Funds, and an allocation of income related to the carried interest received by the fund general partners of the NGP Carry Funds.”.