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Hydro-Diplomacy in Kabul River Basin (2001-2014): The Conflict and Cooperation Potential of Water in Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations

11 February 2022


Data is taken from different sources and has been properly cited in the manner as prescribed by the guidelines of the Advanced Board of Studies of the University of the Punjab. [...] Due to the lack of available material I have to rely on interviews and feedback by the experts of the fields. [...] Shah Alam and Naguman rivers and effects of anthropogenic activities on them and sites of environmental concerns i.e Budhni Nullah and Hayatabad Barsati Nullah where dilution capacity of waste material and pollutants is v very weak due to reduced and low flow of Kabul river. [...] Wajid Ali Shah Research Associate at National Centre of Excellence in Geology, University of Peshawar arranged my meetings with experts in Department of Water Management University of Agriculture, Peshawar on November 17, 2017 during my visit to Peshawar and also provided references and contact details of some other experts especially from University of Agriculture, Peshawar and Agricultural Engin. [...] He discussed in length the overall water resources of Pakistan and Kabul River with valuable examples and suggestions which are part of discussion in chapters 6 and 7(with reference to Kabul River only) of this thesis.