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22 February 2022


She actively participated in the development of many National Policies for the Promotion of Gender Equality (2006-2010; 2011-2015) and is currently a member of the Working Group of the Government of the Republic of Croatia for the preparation of the Draft Proposal of the National Policy for the Promotion of Gender Equality for the period between 2019 and 2023. [...] The paper deals with the conceptual (theoretical) definition of the concepts of state-building and revolutionary constitution-making on the one hand, and the interdependence of the state and the constitution on the other. [...] Theoretical views on the state-building and revolutionary constitution-making of the Croatian constitution-maker will be processed by the teleological method and methods of interpretation of the constitution during the adoption of the content of the text of the 1990 Constitution of the Republic of Croatia and based on the obtained results confirmed or unconfirmed. [...] A special part of the consideration refers to the analysis of innovation and development potentials of this type of intellectual diaspora for faster development of the motherland (countries of origin) and seeks to answer the question of why the circular mobility of elites is slow, as well as what the possibilities and assumptions are, in the perspective of the development of humanity, for the migr. [...] The data and the conducted analysis indicate the necessity of adopting and implementing concrete measures to slow down the emigration of Croatian medical staff, both inside and outside the profession through the cooperation of institutions and the mediation of the media and the entire social sphere.

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