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FINANCING - & GENOCIDE - Development Finance and the Crisis in the Uyghur Region

15 February 2022


While the failure to adequately safeguard communities and the other components of the World Bank Group (IBRD and environment affected by its financing in the Uyghur IDA) can only lend directly to governments, the IFC is Region makes the institution complicit in the repres- 2 set-up differently, and can lend directly to companies. [...] Often, the PRC touts the use of coal as central ilar facilities in other areas of the country) renders the to the region’s circular economy, in stark contrast to the region the country’s dumping ground for waste and pol- spirit of low carbon emissions and recycling that is at the lution, leading to long-term environmental degradation. [...] FINANCING & GENOCIDE FINANCING OPPRESSION W HILE THE GOVERNMENT of the region, it is critical to consider the context in which People’s Republic of China (PRC) has these investments are occurring and to understand the expended vast resources in develop- role the financed corporations may play in the crisis in ing its program of interlinked corporate the Uyghur Region. [...] gov- a common method of coercing minoritized citizens to do ernment.117 In 2018, in the name of “sustainable develop- the bidding of the state, and in this case, of an IFC- and ment,” the XPCC transferred the land management of state-financed corporation. [...] the migrant workers gave a speech celebrating how the labor program would promote “national unity and unity of the motherland,” after which all of the workers per- PS2 formed a flag-raising ceremony and declared their com- Labor and Working Conditions mitment to “maintain the unity of the motherland, be Like other companies operating in the Uyghur Region, loyal to the party, resolutely fight the ‘.