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Letter from the President

25 February 2022


9 ANCI-CONAI FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT RECONFIRMED: IN 2020, 97% OF THE POPULATION COVERED AND €658 MILLION IN COMPENSATIONS DISBURSED With the extension of the ANCI-CONAI Framework Agreement, CONAI's support for The 2020 data are the demonstration of an Framework Agreement rooted Italian municipalities was confirmed, guaranteeing the recycling of packaging throughout the country waste and payment of co. [...] -1%) 11 The contribution of CONAI and the Packaging material consortia to the ecological transition 12 THE CONTRIBUTION OF CONAI AND THE PACKAGING MATERIAL CONSORTIA: MATERIAL SAVED A SAVING OF OVER 55 MILLION TONNES OF Primary material saved thanks to consortium management recycling PRIMARY MATERIAL OVER 16 YEARS from 2005 to 2020 Source: CONAI The quantity of materials deriving from virgin raw m. [...] 30 CONAI, how the CONAI EPR Organization works 31 ECONOMIC FLOWS OF THE CONAI EPR ORGANIZATION IN 2020 IN 2020 THE CONAI EPR ORGANIZATION SUPPORTED The economic value allocated by the CONAI EPR Organization to supporting THE SEPARATE COLLECTION OF WASTE IN waste management activities covers approximately 90% of the total expenses AFFILIATED ITALIAN MUNICIPALITIES WITH OVER incurred by the system:. [...] The further up and further to the right hand side of the matrix, the higher the level of stakeholder interest (significance) in the issues. [...] All issues on the matrix are dealt with in this report, with the exception of “Monitoring and promotion of the flows and uses of secondary raw materials” and “Recovery, measurement and monitoring of the economic and employment performance of the supply chain”, for which data and information is still insufficient.