cover image: Towards a Resilient and Sustainable Post-Pandemic Recovery


Towards a Resilient and Sustainable Post-Pandemic Recovery

10 Jun 2021

It sectors and value chains that the Commission has started emerged quite clearly that the resilience of the Union is to adopt as a way to ‘read’ the European economy, as lowest where the competences of the EU are weakest, as shown in Figure 2);13 the launch of a multistakeholder in healthcare.15 The need to reorient the EU’s action industrial forum with the task of assisting the beyond the areas. [...] Notwithstanding which will be presented in the remainder of this report, the concerns about the tentative nature of these estimates we have observed a sense of urgency, if not emergency, (as well as the questionability of GDP as a measure of not only in relation to the pandemic but also to the role prosperity), these prospects show the uphill battle the EU of the EU in the world. [...] In the new Communication, the Commission reaffirms the March 2020 priorities and devotes significant Faced with such gloomy prospects, the EU has a moral attention to the measures adopted to increase the and political imperative to approach the recovery by resilience of the single market. [...] The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the European Union Beyond the protection and enhancement of the single to wake up to a world dominated by geopolitical market, the Communication reports the results of a competition and smell the coffee. [...] Forum launched in February also seems to have fallen With the world’s centre of economic gravity having short of the central role in governing the transition that moved toward Asia, and the US and China focusing on it appeared to have acquired in the run-up to the adoption control of the Indo-Pacific, the G2 are less likely to take of the Communication.


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