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Task Force Working Group Report

20 Jul 2021

A suitable approach to the governance of desirable objective, the Working Group asked how data spaces, the regulation of AI, the speedy and far the various modes of connectivity in question sustainable deployment of the Internet of Things could help the EU to achieve its competitiveness, (IoT) and the edge/cloud layer, and even ‘getting the resilience and sustainability targets. [...] The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic surface, consisting of potential vulnerabilities in the has shown the urgency for a universal footprint of the software; problems of sensitivity and interoperability infrastructure, as well as the corresponding need to at the hardware level and increased exposure to be imaginative about the required technology mixes. [...] homes are becoming safer and more energy efficient In the context of the Recovery and Resilience Facility, due to smart home technology and services, and and in line with the SDGs, it is essential to ensure home automation, or domotics, is becoming a big that the whole European workforce benefits from the part of the construction industry. [...] The thematic categories of high-value THE DIGITAL TRANSITION | 15 datasets, as referred to in Article 13(1) of the Open spaces, and the identification of ecosystems as the Data Directive, are “geospatial, earth observation and basic unit of analysis for the EU industrial strategy. [...] European Commission, Communication to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions: 2030 Digital Compass: the European way for the Digital Decade, COM(2021) 118 final, Brussels, 9.3.2021.


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