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Career Pathways for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workforce: National Survey Repo

7 August 2020


The Career Pathways Project Aboriginal Reference Group, comprising Aboriginal members of the research team, is mindful of the culture, heritage, and protocols of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander society and the role of our communities and Elders within this structure. [...] The Project demonstrates the importance of strengthening and supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership to create opportunities to enhance employment and retention to reinforce and to embed career pathways for our people in all sectors of health. [...] It offers insights in addressing racism and other underlying attitudes such as unconscious bias and stereotyping, and in understanding of the impact of work overload and burnout, with the aim of creating culturally safe and responsive environments and practices that, in turn, will ensure the wellbeing of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce, the non- Indigenous health workfor. [...] This project has sought and brought together the views and perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who work in health in a variety of roles, as well as the views of peaks and affiliates, professional associations, and other key stakeholders in the training and education sector and the health sector that can support them on their journey. [...] Project aim: To provide insight and guidance to enhance the capacity of the workplaces, and the health system more broadly to retain and support the development and careers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the workforce.