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Better Indigenous Genetic (BIG) Health Services project - Policy Brief

17 November 2021


Explore the extent to which current models of genetic service Islander Australians (2, 3), and where services are available there provision and follow-up support meet the needs of Aboriginal are considerable gaps persist in terms of the comprehensiveness and Torres Strait Islander patients; of those services and continuity of care. [...] Identify barriers and facilitators to effective provision of genetic is crucial to improving provision of effective genetic health care services and follow-up support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians (4). [...] high level of motivation to improve the cultural safety of services Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Patient Experiences and support for developing policies and pathways to improve the benefit of clinical genetic services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Barriers to access and engagement were present at each stage Islander patients. [...] Enhance the capacity of clinical genetic There is a need to expand focus from the delivery of clinical genetic services to services to provide an integrated service to strengthening the support provided to patients and their families to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients optimal benefits from these services are delivered. [...] Build relationships with Aboriginal and The referral processes and experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Torres Strait Islander services/staff and the patients and their families would be improved by greater engagement with community-controlled health sector Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services and staff in all phases of the clinical process.