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Appendix A: The Bipartisan History of Federal Voting Reform, and Appendix B: Methodology and Sources

20 January 2022


For states that meet the federal minimum standards for voter registration, casting a ballot and counting the vote, the federal government should provide access to grants at the state level. [...] The problems that occur due to the lack of standardized ballot return dates contribute to mistrust in the election system and delay the reporting of results. [...] By formalizing the role that the USPS plays in elections and providing resources to implement ballot tracking services through the USPS, the federal government would improve the transparency and security of election mail. [...] Given the influx of threats and doxing of election officials at the state and local level, the federal government should sponsor training for how to handle death threats and ensure the safety of election administrators at all levels. [...] To instill national confidence in the fairness and security of our elections, the parties should take the first step to agree on the very basics of the mechanics of voting.