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2021 Report of the Human Dimensions Committee

25 February 2022


The next PICES Annual Meeting will take place in Busan, Korea; in 2023 the first joint PICES/ICES Annual Meeting will take place in the USA, with the city still to be determined. [...] Much of it is drafted, and the aim is to finish the report in the coming year. [...] Preparation of a draft of the terms of reference for an Advisory Panel on Science Communications; A draft PICES communications strategy and Implementation Plan; Submission of a SciCom training workshop proposal on “Learn how to share our PICES science with the world in an engaging way” for PICES-2022. [...] Questions and comments Regarding improving fish passages, what are the major areas where improvements (e.g., fish ladders) will be made, and can you measure the effect of the changes? There are thousands of culverts in the State of Washington alone. [...] Makino, Co-Chair of the project reported that the project started in April 2020, and the objective is to build capacity of local small-scale fishers and communities to monitor their coastal ecosystem to benefit human health, and to gain knowledge about ciguatera fish poisoning.