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Should the EU Pursue a Strategic Ginseng Policy? Trade Dependency in the Brave

8 April 2022


The it is important for policymakers to framework consists of two indicators: A policy intervention should be understand the reasons behind the first measures the share of EU tailored to the specific product and why shortages of critical goods and imports from outside the EU over the specific export country. [...] Given technologies have emerged in the EU production proxied as the sum of the small size of the EU imports in first place. [...] and demand, most of them will be with the rest of the world in 2020 and Many of these products are easy fixed without the need of any policy elaborates on the product categories to substitute and the economy can intervention. [...] The first condition is that EU imports from outside the EU represent a considerable share of EU’s production which is proxied as the sum of intra-EU imports – which are the goods that EU member states buy and sell among themselves and by definition is also equal to intra-EU exports – and EU exports to outside the EU (extra-EU exports). [...] The work that the EU is undertaking in updating its customs union should include the measurement of EU dependencies so the EU is capable of tracking EU dependencies across products over time and is aware of the geographical location of EU importers in case of a natural disaster or a political conflict.