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Regulation on Ecodesign for Sustainable Products - Outline of the Commission proposal

5 April 2022


Regulation on Ecodesign for Sustainable Products - Outline of the Commission proposal ESPR Why is it needed? Production and consumption of products are not sustainable: • Inefficient use of resources: - global extraction of materials since 1970 has tripled; waste generation set to increase by 70% by 2050; - more than 90% of biodiversity loss and water stress coming from resource extraction and pro. [...] Digital Product Passport; labels) incentivising best performing products improved market surveillance ESPR Key Ecodesign product aspects • durability, reliability; reusability; upgradability; • reparability; possibility of maintenance and refurbishment; • presence of substances of concern; • energy use or energy efficiency; • resource use or resource efficiency; • recycled content; • possibili. [...] Aim to target those products on the EU market that currently generate a significant proportion of product-related impacts Scope gives possibility to take action on those products currently responsible for around 65% of total product-related GHG and particulate matter emission in the EU, and 70% of resource depletion. [...] Plastics Strategy Road to 2030: the vision of the Strategy By 2030, all textile products placed on the EU market are: • durable, repairable and recyclable • to a great extent made of recycled fibres • free of hazardous substances • produced respecting social rights ”Fast fashion is out of fashion” - consumers benefit longer from high quality textiles Profitable re-use and repair services are. [...] consultation open until 15 May It aims to: Accelerate the digital and green transitions and strengthen the resilience of the ecosystem Launch discussions with stakeholders through a co-creation process in Q2 2022 Identify what specific actions and commitments are needed to prepare and carry out the green and digital transitions Thank you © European Union 2022 Unless otherwise noted the reuse.