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10. Conclusions and Recommendations Introduction Summary of main findings uncor

9 February 2022


What are the temporal trends of mercury in environmental Changes in lifestyle and the dietary choices of Northerners media, biota and humans? likely affected the decreasing Hg exposure and concentrations Long-term measurements of Hg concentrations in the Arctic of Hg in human blood. [...] were measured in Hudson Bay and the Canadian Arctic What are the toxicological effects of mercury in Arctic biota? Archipelago, and the research suggested that the evasion of DMHg from marine waters was enough to sustain atmospheric Elevated exposure to MeHg can have adverse effects on the concentrations of MeHg in the Arctic. [...] The impact of Hg contamination on human health to core research and monitoring of Hg in the Arctic, which in the Arctic must be considered in the context of the high informs domestic and international initiatives to reduce Hg prevalence of food security concerns for Arctic Indigenous exposure. [...] the history and cultural context of research in the Arctic, uncorrected pro f 286 AMAP Assessment 2021: Mercury in the Arctic promoting Indigenous self-determination in research and rates to reductions in Hg loading, and large reservoirs of legacy monitoring, following established processes for the co- Hg contamination in soils and the Arctic Ocean may dampen production of knowledge, respecting In. [...] • The modeling of processes that influence Hg transport and When it comes to Hg research, the Arctic is one of the most fate in the Arctic environment to evaluate source-receptor intensively studied regions in the world, and findings for the effects should be improved.

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