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19 April 2022


All three groups have dumped millions into misleading front groups like “Homeowners for an Affordable NY,” “Taxpayers for an Affordable NY,” and “Affordable Rent for All ” The average portfolio size of board members of REBNY, RSA, and CHIP is over 7,000 homes, and some board members own well over 30,000 units of housing • RSA, CHIP, and REBNY PACs and board members spent a combined $8.8 million su. [...] In tax returns, RSA and CHIP reported spending $1,031,394 and $539,446 respec- tively with Mayer Brown LLP, which is representing the groups in their lawsuit seeking to eliminate rent control in New York State REBNY has reported spending at least $911,659 with Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, which represented the group in its successful suit to overturn the ban on charging brokers fees to tenants These. [...] 14, 2022 Buying Political Influence in the State Capitol RSA, CHIP, and REBNY represent some of the wealthiest and most powerful landlords in New York State, including Douglas Durst, Scott Rechler, and the Rudin family (see “Who’s Who” section below for more detail) Together the groups and their constituents spend millions of dollars on campaign donations A February, 2022 analysis of publicly avai. [...] Seven members of the RSA board of directors also serve on the board of directors of CHIP Three members of the RSA board of directors are also members of the REBNY board of governors, including REBNY board chair Douglas Durst, and another six members of the RSA board of directors are members of REBNY that do not sit on its board of governors While no members of the CHIP board of directors sit on th. [...] While they claim to represent the interests of homeowners, the true forces behind RSA, CHIP, and REBNY are some of New York’s wealthiest and most prolific property owners In recent years, these groups have spent millions of dollars on their efforts to block any expansion of tenants’ rights and to preserve lucrative development subsidies The political influence, public relations, and litigation spe.