7. What is the impact of mercury contamination on human health in the Arctic?
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7. What is the impact of mercury contamination on human health in the Arctic?

28 March 2022


Since the last AMAP assessment, the entry into force of 7.2 What are the global influences on the Minamata Convention on Mercury in 2017 signalled mercury exposure in the North? the commitment by government signatories from around the world to reduce the use and environmental release of Other chapters in this current assessment discuss in detail Hg in order to protect human health and the environm. [...] As described in the Arctic (Chapter 3), factors that drive the movement of Hg detail in Chapter 9 of this current assessment, information on into food webs relevant to human consumers (Chapter 4) and Hg in the Arctic from AMAP and involvement from Arctic the influence of climate change on these processes (Chapter 5), Indigenous Peoples and Arctic countries were crucial in hotspots and trends in re. [...] However, of food, the unavailability of healthy and affordable food choices the challenges associated with FFQs are well-established in local markets, and challenges of hunting and fishing to be (e.g., recall bias), Hg levels in a particular food item can vary the most important factors (Mead et al., 2010; Sharma et al., tremendously and dietary habits change throughout the year. [...] Most of the Hg in hair is that Inuit in the Arctic are exposed to some of the highest MeHg, and once incorporated the Hg remains in the hair. [...] A 7.5 What are health effects of mercury A A in the North? P C A A C P A A A 7.5.1 General health effects A The human health impacts of Hg on Arctic populations P remains of worldwide concern as exemplified by the C A preamble text of the Minamata Convention, which notes “the particular vulnerabilities of Arctic ecosystems and Indigenous communities” and a finding by the 2018 UN Global Mercury Ass.

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