2. Temporal trends of mercury in Arctic media Introduction What time series and statistical
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2. Temporal trends of mercury in Arctic media Introduction What time series and statistical

12 April 2022


uncor ec ed pro f 8 AMAP Assessment 2021: Mercury in the Arctic The bulk of the time series concerned marine mammals (54 trend was non-linear, the recent trend was calculated by taking time series); the majority of these were freshwater fish (19), the change in concentration between the start and end of the followed by seabirds (12) and marine invertebrates (mussels; 20 year period and converting. [...] recent investigation of Arctic coastal sites, concentrations were at a maximum in the summer, minima in the autumn In the polar coastal boundary layer, GEM has been found to and spring and slightly elevated in the winter in three of the react in the springtime with halogen radicals in the atmosphere. [...] The negative trend in GOM during the springtime may indicate The magnitude of the long-term trends of TGM in Alert and a change in the conditions needed for AMDEs to occur at this Ny-Ålesund (1995–2018 and 2002–2018, respectively) differed site, and the positive trend of PHg in April may indicate a higher from the more recent period (2008–2018). [...] The results of the trend analysis Regional and seasonal dependence on GOM and PHg datasets for both Alert and Ny-Ålesund of mercury in wet deposition suggest a change in composition of the Hg species with opposing Mercury wet deposition flux is a product of the total trends for GOM and PHg; at Alert, concentrations are observed precipitation amount and the concentration of Hg in that movin. [...] A third non-linear trend was between the start and end of the time series was about 70% in detected at Husvågen, Norway, where concentrations decreased the two Faroese time series (1979–2016 / 2017) and 50% in the and then increased, with concentrations at the end of the time Norwegian time series (1994–2017).

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