Annual Statistical Report on Ultra- Orthodox (Haredi) Society in Israel
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Annual Statistical Report on Ultra- Orthodox (Haredi) Society in Israel

3 April 2022


The current report includes data on the use of the internet and a review of the impact of technology on various aspects of Haredi life. [...] Over the last decade, ultra-Orthodox education has undergone several systemic and structural changes, including the establishment of the Haredi Department within the Ministry of Education and the development of the State-Haredi education stream. [...] 13 Employment One of the central topics of public debate regarding the place of the ultra- Orthodox community in Israeli society, is the issue of employment, and particularly-the low rate of employment among ultra-Orthodox men. [...] In addition, the geographical distribution of these voters has changed, as seen in the rising prominence of the "suburban ultra-Orthodox cities" and the relative decline in the percentage living in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak. [...] Following is an analysis of patterns of use of the internet and technology in the ultra-Orthodox population, compared with the rest of Jewish society in Israel.

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