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3 Existential Threats to Our Elections - An exodus of election officials,

5 April 2022


In the wake of a massive and coordinated disinformation effort during the 2020 elections, election officials and election workers — who do the behind-the-scenes work of running our elections and ensuring their safety and accuracy — have faced threats of violence and harassment, which has led to an exodus of good people from these positions. [...] Faith in elections and the acceptance of the results by political candidates, the parties, and the public are among the most essential ingredients of a functional democracy. [...] elections and races in 2022 that harassment campaigns that target election officials and election workers are two parts of include an election the same strategy to erode the foundation of democratic elections in the United States. [...] As the report notes: “A regular, annual investment in elections by Congress demonstrates a commitment to the legitimacy and security of the voting process.” 3) Increase enforcement and prosecution of threats against election workers The disturbing facts outlined in this report show why the enforcement and prosecution of threats against election officials needs to be stepped up. [...] The will of the people alone is what should determine the outcomes of our elections, and anti-democracy candidates have no place in the administration of elections in a country that strives to be a beacon of freedom to the world.