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Administrative and Educational Policy 2021

29 March 2022


based on (a) the anticipated balance of the fund at the end of [2007, 2020] the current year, (b) the anticipated use of the fund during the budget year, (c) the effect of inflation on the fund and (d) the IMMEDIATE DIRECTIVES desired balance of the fund at the end of the budget year. [...] [1992] Teachers should have the final say at both the provincial and school authority level in designing, developing, reviewing, The Government of Alberta should review and update selecting and piloting educational technologies and resources, the program of studies for the fine arts program, including the and should be adequately compensated, in terms of time and components of mus. [...] Undertake a pilot project to evaluate the draft program of The Government of Alberta should review how it studies, the teaching and learning resources, and the impact of funds senior high school programing to ensure that the funding the program on teacher workload. [...] While providing specific resources to achieve the [1981] objectives of the program of studies, the Government of Alberta should not restrict the right of teachers to select their own The Government of Alberta should complete the review resources. [...] The size of the class is reduced to ensure that the needs of all of school reporting, to the socioeconomic makeup of the students are met effectively.