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Improving Operational Efficiency of Urban Bus Services - GUIDELINES FOR BETTER FLEET

27 January 2022


But designing of these depots need to consider the full range of maintenance practices and operations to meet the requirements of the existing fleet as well as the future fleet. [...] It is also necessary to consider the advancement in maintenance systems and technologies that help to improve the overall efficiency and identification of technical glitches on time to reduce the time and labour costs of maintenance that otherwise has a bearing on the overall economic efficiency of bus operations. [...] The two-brush machines can wash both the sides of the bus, but back and front portion and the roof of the bus is not cleaned. [...] The new generation three-brush washing system has sensors which adjusts the position of the third brush to take care of the fitments of the rear-view mirror, air conditioner on the roof, etc. [...] Checking the functioning of the ITS system and attending to it if necessary Maintenance of the major docking bus should preferably be carried out in the first shift, so that the bus can be dispatched for operation in the second shift.