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The Effectiveness of a Mindfulness Program in Treating Premature Ejaculation

10 May 2022


The aim of the paper is to identify the effectiveness of an intervention program based on minfulness techniques in treating premature ejaculation. Method: In a randomized controlled clinical trial (RCT), the participants, 500 men aged 18 to 60 in Romania with premature ejaculation, randomly divided into two groups: experimental group, who will benefit from 60 days of training of mindfulness techniques and the control group that will perform the same measurements of premature ejaculation (PEDT and IELT) but without intervention. The intervention will consist of learning and practicing mindfulness techniques (breathing exercises, meditation, body scanning). Expected results: According to studies and literature, we expect to improve the symptoms of premature ejaculation and increase the interval from the appearance of erection to ejaculation in the experimental group as a result of the techniques learned. Conclusions: interventions based on mindfulness techniques are effective in relieving premature ejaculation. The isolation of effective techniques and the mechanisms involved requires further research.