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Section on Climate Change Effects on Marine Ecosystems

6 April 2022


Encourage and integrate S-CCME science with and between external climate assessment organizations and provide knowledge to the scientific communities, national and global advisory bodies such as the IPCC and IPBES on the impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems. [...] The national assessment is conducted every four years and reviews and synthesizes the state of science on effects of climate change on oceans and marine resources, risks and responses, uncertainties. [...] Activities of interest from China The National Key Research and Development Program of China from Ministry of Science and Technology; Covered a series of projects, o Integrated Observation, data assimilation and big data platform construction and application; o Study on climate change facts, key process and dynamics mechanism; o Development, prediction and estimation of earth system model; o Cli. [...] Joint NMTT-ICES Workshop launching the Nordic Climate Change Forum for Fisheries and Aquaculture (December 9–10, 2021, Helsingør, Denmark) The workshop aims to provide an opportunity for fisheries and aquaculture stakeholders, scientists, and policy-makers to discuss, exchange ideas, and identify practical steps the fisheries and aquaculture sectors can adopt to reduce its contribution to climate. [...] In preparation for, and in response to, these global assessments of climate impacts and adaptation, scientists throughout the northern hemisphere have utilized coupled models to assess the implications of changing climate on marine ecosystems and fishery-dependent communities.