sent a letter to the Federal Election Commission
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sent a letter to the Federal Election Commission

18 November 2021


Rand Paul’s leadership PAC spent just 12% of its $990,000 spending on political purposes.5 The PAC reported spending nearly $14,000 on lodging during the cycle, including at The Breakers, a five-star resort in Palm Beach, Florida, and the Inn at Perry Cabin in St. [...] Holding’s leadership PAC spent roughly In 2018, Issue One and Campaign Legal $202,000 during this two-year period, Center submitted a rulemaking petition to with just 2% of its spending aiding other the FEC, asking the commission to clarify the candidates, political parties, and political regulations of the personal use of leadership groups. [...] Who spends little on politics? Holding’s leadership PAC spent close to $9,000 over six occasions at the Union Club in For this investigation, Issue One and Campaign New York City — the fifth-oldest private social Legal Center scoured tens of thousands of club in the United States and the oldest in New campaign finance records, examining where York City. [...] News and How does your member of World Report, Congress stack up? ► $2,100 to the five-star Viceroy L’Ermitage Check out the appendix at the end of Beverly Hills, which calls itself “the this report for detailed information epitome of Hollywood glamour,” and about the leadership PAC spending ► $250 to the five-star Jefferson hotel in — and total portion spent on politics downtown Washington, D. [...] Yet, mystifyingly, the FEC has failed to agree on Legislation to rein in the abuses of leadership whether the personal use prohibition applies PACs should be quickly adopted, and the to leadership PACs — and thus, the agency FEC should recommit itself to scrutinizing has abdicated its responsibility to step up questionable leadership PAC spending.

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