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Mozambique - COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Project : Additional Financing (English)

13 October 2022


This is a report published by World Bank Group on October 2022 about Data Protection, Data Quality, Industry, Mozambique, Nursing Homes, Social Media, Vaccines.


mozambique rural area public health emergency multilateral development bank coronavirus covid-19 health promotion market access internally displaced people data protection data quality industry limitation of liability maternal and child health nursing homes social media vaccines international organization for migration participating country framework agreement storage capacity financial sector development diabetes mellitus health systems medical waste heart failure cost sharing health system strengthening antenatal care national strategy national immunization market power legal framework absorption capacity community engagement data sharing command structure non-governmental organization adverse events risk communication chronic care supply chain management nursing home infection prevention and control high resolution community health worker cold chain pregnant woman immunizations respiratory failure renal failure vaccine efficacy shelf life expiry date vaccination policy cold storage human immunodeficiency virus internet connectivity liquid natural gas booster shot financial sector policy health care services industry health service management and delivery nutrition and population health services delivery safety datum corruption risks minimum requirement retroactive financing community health and safety pandemic response medical supply financial resource million people infectious disease outbreak standard operating procedure stock management source of financing disease control & prevention early child and children's health public health promotion security situation response plan emergency procurement human resource capacity development partner severe cases monitoring activity environmental and social risk classification intermediate indicator data system tracking system delay in procurement energy and water compensation scheme capacity assessment availability of vaccine international partners new vaccine global financing africa east pandemic preparedness primary health care services fiduciary risk contractual provision safety issue political commitment administrative staff due diligence assessment national regulatory spot check contract implementation distribution of vaccines market participant private sector solution delivery of health services cost component monitoring tool health service delivery adult population purchase agreement essential health services readiness assessment monitoring agency population group regular meetings monitoring effort communication plan appropriate authority infrastructure needs institutional sustainability long-term climate change integrated management hospital infection control health facility level distribution capacity risk of disease governance risk basic equipment vaccine delivery clinical management effective strategy transportation capacity residual risk targeting strategies health training regulatory authority accurate information outpatient visits sustainable system defense and security forces collaboration with partners promotion activity health seeking behavior laboratory infrastructure routine immunization emergency response mechanisms monitoring mechanism public feedback bed occupancy rate accessing health services adolescent health service population services bargaining power exposure risk data collection system across province potential fraud surveillance mechanism delivery schedule conflict zones fragile and conflict situations young age supply contract regulatory procedure development of vaccine advance market commitment budget system risk mitigation strategy vaccine coverage bilateral arrangement supply needs social data public sentiment proxy for quality import permit mass vaccination campaign national logistic vaccine supply indemnity agreement reproductive health consultation immunization plan immunization system vaccine distribution eligible suppliers indemnification provision provincial distribution vigilance activity vaccine availability transport of vaccine indemnification arrangement immunosuppressive therapy vaccine bank quantities of vaccine use of vaccine kinds of vaccine vaccine market

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Mozambique - COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Project : Additional Financing
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