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A WAR IN A PANDEMIC - Implications of the Ukraine crisis and

13 May 2022


nations, including Tonga and Samoa in the “top ten,” and Fiji, Kiribati, and the Marshall Islands—where exposure to natural disasters 1.4 The Outlook for 2022: Risks and the vagaries of tourism require substantial Escalate in the Wake of the Russian income augmentation from overseas workers Invasion of Ukraine (figure 1.3, second panel). [...] In the future, the guidelines are likely information flows among various institutions; to influence the inclusion of remittances in and (c) maximize the benefits of information the next edition of the IMF BOP Manual. [...] In the absence arrangements with Turkey and Morocco, and of a negotiated set of guidelines such as the the United States has similar arrangements Geneva Convention and the absence of a with Mexico and some Central American lead agency to address migration, the UN countries to reduce migration pressures. [...] Box 4.1 Progress in the International that “progress achieved in facilitating and har- Migration Review Forum and a Proposal nessing the benefits of safe, orderly and regular migration is slow and uneven in many areas Two processes important for the implementation and that the COVID-19 pandemic has in many of the Global Compact on Migration are the instances reshaped many aspects of international. [...] Regional Trends in Migration and Remittance Flows 5.1 Remittances to East Asia flows to East Asia and Pacific did not chart and the Pacific declined in 2021 a countercyclical trend either in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic first erupted, or Remittances to the East Asia and Pacific in 2021 following the outbreak related to region ended 2021 with a decline of about the delta and omicron variants.