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Pastoralism and large-scale REnewable energy and green hydrogen projects

16 May 2022


Based in northern parts of Kenya, security, the promotion of health objectives guiding the political work it works with a pool of professionals from the region to develop and implement and education, the access to water, of the foundation are establishing research and development that contribute to sustainable livelihoods for the strengthening of democracy, democracy and human rights, communities. [...] A recent meta-analysis of the land deals in the Land Matrix With the realisation that the drylands are prime areas for generating revealed that large-scale land acquisition investments are targeting solar and wind power, these areas have been transformed from the the poorest countries with the weakest levels of governance and the historically neglected margins to the new frontier with abundant spa. [...] Raising the panels adds to the costs of the solar installation, but the benefits from the dual use of land may compensate for the extra costs, particularly in areas of high grazing value. [...] The value of the land depends not only on the value of production generated from the land, but also on the ecosystem and cultural services of the land, the stewardship practised by the local people, and the local knowledge system on which this is based. [...] Some improved use of the land are used to justify reasons for the lack of conflict and the land acquisition in the drylands.