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Autism in Canada: - Considerations for future public policy development

3 May 2022


Through this process, we developed a deeper understanding of autism and the complexity, diversity, and breadth of needs, priorities and aspirations of Autistic people and their families in Canada. [...] This work would not have been possible without the unwavering and committed support of the Working Groups, the Indigenous and Lived Experience Advisory Committees, and the staff team at the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. [...] A national autism strategy has been suggested as a way to provide a compelling central vision and direction to improve the health and wellbeing of Autistic children and adults and to support parents and caregivers (Government of Canada, 2021a). [...] In Canada, responsibility for the planning and delivery of most health and social services and supports rests with the provinces and territories. [...] A strategy may help in planning for sustainable and efficient health and social care systems that mitigate existing barriers and support the quality of life and participation of Autistic individuals and their families in their communities and in the Canadian economy.