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Vol. 1 |No.4| December 2021

6 May 2022


The present COVID-19 crisis creation of the conferences of the parties has its roots in previous epidemics, such (COPs), a powerful multilateral response as the SARS crisis in Asia at the turn of the millennium, the MERS crisis in the to cross-border environmental challenges Middle-East, the Ebola crisis in tropical (Buchoud, 2021). [...] forces across the G20 and the United- This is a reminder of current risks linked Nations system could help stir global with the management of the COVID-19 governance and foster large scale policy crisis, with even higher stakes in terms transformations such as in the early of environmental and ecosystem 1990s, or the early 1970s with the creation degradation, carbon emissions, and of the United Na. [...] It is a reflection of the magnitude G 20 DIGEST| 7 of under-investments in social in the digital world, which heightens infrastructure and in the development of the competition for leadership and social capital and education in the past sovereignty among and within nations. [...] As it chaired the Intersecting process kick-started in 2020 the G7 in 2017 and the G20 in 2019, Japan and showcased at the 2021 Nobel Week pushed a number of valuable elements Dialogue offers promising perspectives.7 on the global stage, as illustrated by the The €15 trillion entrance ticket to issuance of the quality infrastructure different development pathways will be investment principles, the. [...] To that end, First, educate the public - especially the the presence of the Laku Pandai agent, programme’s beneficiaries - to ensure that as the extension of the bank, can help they fully understand what features they the community in the remote area to could utilise to improve their standard carry out financial transactions.